The words “Self Denial” are denying ones self. We often think we are perhaps missing out because we don’t have the latest clothes, appliances, overseas holidays etc. Yet when we think of our missionaries they know that for them, things we think of as necessities are not priorities. For the Kingdom’s sake they endure the hardships, extremes of weather and lack of facilities.

 The 4 brief visits I made to Kazakhstan with Pioneers were a real eye opener. Both James and Carolyn Broughton put up with all of the above and are still joyously praising God in their daily lives as they are also educating their 3 young children along with their daily activities. I never heard a word of complaint.

The thing I remember most was the importance placed on daily prayer to God to meet all their needs. Working with them has been the highlight of my life, the tremendous blessing I received was uplifting.

Often the power went off and there was no water and they had to collect it from the irrigation canals. The dust, pot holed roads and the heat and extreme cold were endured but all of our comforts are things we take for granted.

 Time spent learning a new language are in itself difficult enough. The worry of sickness and availability and cost of health care are always with them.

 We here in New Zealand are blessed with an abundance of God’s goodness. Can we share it with our missionaries?

Kelvin Pick