Lose the Rubbish to Gain Christ

God loves us, but he wants us to love him back.

Society with all of its worldly deviations and self-preoccupations does not inform us of who God is. God, is God. God is holy and does not flex with the moral change of the world. What we think of God, how we think he should act and behave doesn’t change who he is. Otherwise we end up with a god who looks an awful lot like us. We cannot think or believe or imagine Jesus into being anything like us, we cannot bring him down, but only continually lift ourselves up to him. He cannot be anything other than who he is; Saviour and Lord.

In Philippians 3:7-11 Paul approached everything he thought was great and important – that is things he believed about God, the way he acted toward God, particularly his wealth, heritage and status – and said they have one thing in common: compared to knowing Christ each of these things is valueless.

Paul’s teaching begs the question: what or who is our greatest love? What or who gets our greatest affection? Anything that keeps Jesus from being our number one love is a liability. It has no value compared to knowing Christ.

Paul’s heart in all his letters was to encourage genuine kingdom living; reverence for Christ in the church and discipleship as it really should be. Not a fake, superficial religious version. Paul does not want us to confuse what following Jesus means for us, as in pray the prayer, do good things externally, but internally remain unchanged, unreconciled, and unsurrendered.

Paul’s change of heart, mind and soul was as extreme as you get. However he models for us what leaving behind the old life, for Christ and his purposes, looks like. He models what prioritizing Christ looks like.