God Cares


In Psalms 55 v 22 we read, “Cast all your burdens (cares) upon the Lord.”


God has given us abilities to think and take control of things that we are able to manage. However, in this passage it reads “cast all your cares on the Lord”. God is offering to help us in whatever the issue is. The offer is confidential and this alone may give significant relief to us.


Do we have a friend, on this earth, that we can give personal confidential information to and rely on that person to keep it to themselves? Can they do anything to fix the issue other than listen to you? Will this decrease your concerns or fears? It may, but it may increase your concerns.


As Christians we trust in God and have faith in Him.  God is interested in “all” your cares no matter how big or small.  We may ask for His help which could include family, employment, accommodation, a house, health, grief to name a few. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will fix things to our satisfaction. God’s response may come in surprising ways. You may have someone, at God’s prompting, come to you and suggest go and talk to so-and-so who may be able to help. Opportunities may suddenly come up that you were unaware of. He may prompt you to obtain a second opinion on a matter.


An experience we had earlier this month was that at about 6:30am one morning we got a phone call from our son in South Africa saying they had put their children and valuables in their car and were about to evacuate their residence due to bush fires being very close to the town they were living in, Knysna. What could we do being so far away? We prayed for their safety and thanked God. They called us back the next day to say they were OK. We later learnt that their pastor’s home had been destroyed as were many other homes.


Whatever the issue, what a relief to know that God knows and is able to remove the burden we have.


Contributed by Cambell & Joan Snook