KNOWING GOD (Proverbs 9:10)

The great Bible teacher Dr.Alexander Maclaren attributed everything he knew to one habit: spending an hour each day alone with God.

Sometimes he allowed others into his prayer closet , but they were never allowed to speak. Maclaren would sit in a well-worn armchair with his big Bible lying across his knees. Sometimes he’d read its pages, but mostly he’d just sit with his hand over his face.

During that hour he wouldn’t read the Bible as a student or study it for sermons. One of his assistants noted, “He read it as a child would read a letter from an absent father or a loving heart would drink in words of a loved one from far away. To know God, you must spend time with Him.

One night, a famous orator recited the 23rd Psalm to a packed house and great applause. Afterwards, he spotted his vicar in the crowd and called him to say a word. To their surprise, he too recited the 23rd Psalm. But when he was through, there was silence. People dried their tears all over the audience.

At this point, the orator stood beside his pastor and simply said, “The difference is, I know the 23rd Psalm…..but he knows the Shepherd!”

How well do we know the Lord? How close do we really want to be to Him? Nobody but you and I can answer that question.

Graham &  Jill Bull