Geoff’s musings

 Lately I have been thinking about the increase in weather patterns. Scientific records show that seismic activity such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis’ has been noticeably increasing both in frequency and in strength. We are also experiencing record breaking extreme weather conditions at both ends of the scale.

 Jesus spoke about wide spread earthquakes and surging seas as one of the signs of the last days. He also spoke of signs in the heavens and the stars falling. I have wondered about this until I saw the news item about the asteroid that plunged into Russia last month. It was literally a star falling from the sky.

 Right back in the beginning we saw how man’s sin impacted all of nature bringing disease, disaster, decay and death. Even this week we heard that many viruses are becoming immune to antibiotics.

 As godlessness and evil increase upon the earth is nature being affected to a greater degree? As believers we need to be aware of what is happening around us and know our scriptures so that we can see how events in our world line up with Bible prophecies.

 Don’t forget Jesus is definitely coming back!!!

Geoff Follas