Becoming a Christian does not instantly resolve all our problems. I have often likened it to opening a cupboard full of junk. And you spend the rest of your life clearing out that ungodly, useless, ruinous mess and replacing it with things that are good, wholesome and honouring to God. It is a lifelong process.

A lot of that junk consists of “stink thinking”; thought patterns that have been shaped by bad experiences and the godless world around us. If we are to be renewed in our minds as Paul says in Romans 12:2 we have to challenge these thoughts because many of them are lies, unloving and ungodly. Every time one of these lying, unloving ungodly thoughts presents itself to our minds we need to confront it and hand it over to Christ for destruction and replace it with thoughts that agree with God’s Word. It takes discipline and reliance on the Holy Spirit to help us.

As we continue to do this, over time the Lord will renew our thinking and what we think will affect how we feel. How we feel will motivate how we behave and our behaviour will shape our character, causing us to have more and more of the mind of Christ and less and less of the mind of this godless world. We can start now, even if we are getting on years.

A man was driving his pick-up in the outback of Australia and he came to the end of a gravel road and saw a number of deep-seated ruts in the ground heading off into the distance. He saw a sign saying, “Choose your rut now because you may not be able to get out of it later.”

Make your decision to choose the way you will go now because it will decide where you end up and what you become.

Submitted by Geoff Follas