Gods grace is hard to accept. We feel we should have earned it ourselves .
We naturally enjoy celebrating our achievements and those of our friends.
If someone gets promoted or wins a contract, or the spot they play in the team excels, we are quick to congratulate them.
If it were a competition to prove our righteous achievements to God, however, there would be no winners. Everyone would be on the losing side, even those who practiced hardest and paid most attention to the rules.
The status of being righteous in God’s eyes is something we cannot achieve by our own efforts. Romans 3:20.
Without Jesus there is one thing we all have in common, we are under sin. We are under its power to destroy our relationship with God and exclude us from the joy of living in his presence.
The clear teaching of the Old Testament is that we fall short of God’s perfect ideal for us. Paul provides quotations from Psalms and Isaiah to prove the point in Romans 3:10-18.
We carry within us the dissatisfaction that we are not all that God made us to be. In response to that we need to face that dissatisfaction in ourselves.
Give thanks to God that he is not waiting for us to become perfect before we can know him but he has sent his perfect son to satisfy his righteous demands in our place.

Contributed by Terry Grimmer