Looking at Vision & Making Connections

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18. Other translations say: Where there is no revelation or prophetic vision people cast off restraint. These days it doesn’t take long to think of examples in life where the latter is happening.

What is our vision for ourselves, our families, our mission field, our church? How do we feel we are doing? Let’s take some paper, pray and ponder these questions and start writing.

One place to start is to list the giftings God has given us and then to see how we are using these. What do we like doing? Many a time it’s the things that we like doing that will be the areas in which we find our-selves more energised to serve God and others.

One area I enjoy is connecting with others especially new people. To do this I need to work on my conversation skills and be conscious of God’s leading. Every Sunday there are people here in our services for the first time and others who have just started coming. In my role as deacon I am hoping to build a team that is able to help make connections with all kinds of people, and especially the new.

The revised church directory coming out soon, photos included, will help us to remember names. One suggestion is to go through and check off all those we know. Next make a conscious effort to meet the ones we don’t know. The more we know one another the stronger our fellowship.

Graham Bull