As a new Christian I tried to grapple with the concept that God allowed some people to go to heaven whilst others were allowed to go to Hell. For sometime I just accepted that I was going to heaven and put the other thoughts into the too hard basket and ignored it.

When talking to a friend about it one day he said that I needed to stop questioning God and realise that He is sovereign. His will is law, no arguments, no questions, what He determines goes. I had suck it up, build a bridge and get over it.

For years I accepted it and learned to change my attitude. This week I received an email from a home group leader with the following explanation on the election of The Saints“.

Election is Gods deciding who gets on the plane bound for heaven.

Predestination is his charting the route the plane will take, the schedule, the accommodations both during and after the flight, and each passengers safety. With God as the pilot of the plane and the plane itself, all who board the plane make it to heaven.

Predestination means God himself makes sure the elect actually board the plane. Their response of faith in Christ is like checking in at the gate with a boarding pass. The gospel call, in contrast, is like advertising for the trip. The church is commissioned to get the word to the whole world.

Unfortunately most people treat Gods free offer as junk mailand throw it in the trash.

However, those whom God has elected to salvation he also moves to accept his free offer. Many are called, but few are chosen. Yet all who are chosen are predestined to end up in heaven.

Eric Harrison