The verse that continually inspires me is …. “His mercies are NEW every morning.”
As each day unfolds, right on time, God provides a fresh start.
From a weather point of view, some days are bright and clear, and some are cloudy and grey.
From an emotional view point, we may feel “on top of the world” or “in the dumps”, yet in all situations God provides a New opportunity to start afresh, without the concerns of yesterday crowding in, and blocking out the sunshine of His new revelation of His presence in all things.
We don’t need to choose to live under a cloud, when He provides everything NEW.
My prayer for you:
May you be encouraged to look at the current as a New revelation of His love for you, and to see the world around you through His New and continuing creation, being worked out in the lives of all His people.

Contributed by Murray Kerr