A word in season from Geoff

Giving is a subject we dont talk much about here at FBC, but sometimes we need to get a bit of a stir up about it because we can easily become slack as in many other areas.

Up until recently our church giving has been going well, but just recently we have dipped considerably below budget.

Recently I felt I needed to review my level of giving to be sure I wasnt skimping or giving less than God would have me give. I would encourage each one of you to do the same. To prayerfully look at your present level of giving and see if you are giving as God would have you give.

In this country we have been blessed with much more than we need and all that comes from a generous heavenly Father. But He expects us to be generous with that abundance as He is to us. 

Lets take up the challenge and give joyfully and generously so that we can meet our budget and fulfil our commitments.

Remember you can never out give God. Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift to us. And what a Gift!!

God bless