Everyday Spiritual Conversations (Week 4) – A Message, not a Massage

While a lot of thought has gone into how we might connect with people during this series, we must end in the most important place and that is with a reminder that we have a message to communicate. But how important to us is that message?

The one point here across these two parables in Matthew 13:44-46 is the kingdom is worth everything. There is nothing that’s of greater worth, nothing of greater value. It’s why Paul was able to say “for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

What value do we place, or even can we place on the kingdom of God and helping others through sharing the gospel, to come into a saving relationship through Christ?
If we love Christ and when we have experienced his grace and mercy, we will want to love people the way he did – ready to lay down our lives even for those who oppose us and we will labour to spread the gospel of Jesus and a passion for Christ.

When we treasure Christ, we will not want to simply feed ourselves and keep it to ourselves but reach others. When there is in us, profound excitement and joy and expectancy and faith and anticipation in God through Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that spills out. And we won’t be able to help ourselves. Like Peter and John, “we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard”.

The word ‘gospel’ means ‘good news’ – and the good news is that, while we deserve punishment for our wrongs, God is offering us a ‘get-out-of-jail-free-card’ or for the relational person – while we are separated from God by our wrongs, God is offering full restoration as a gift of love, if we would turn to Him and His ways!

One of the easiest summaries of the gospel is with the words:
Creation – God created everything good, and humans as the best thing in his creation.
Fall – God gave us free will so we could love, but we used it wrongly, and brought selfishness and suffering into the world.
Redemption – but God loved us enough to provide a solution through the person of Jesus.
Restoration – and if we will receive that solution, his plan for us is that we join him in his greater plan of restoring people’s lives, and also the entire creation.
Response – There is a 5th point and it is an invitation to a response. Because this isn’t just a good message. It is a message from God – for which he’s looking for a response. So asking a person ‘what do you think?’ whenever you share the gospel…or to ask if they’d like to respond, or have a response to God’s love, is necessary.

Our goal isn’t merely to state the message, we want to communicate it with them (discussion, dialogue, great questions), communicate the truth of a person and personal relationship with Christ. Only through us will many people hear – and thus have the chance to believe for themselves. ‘how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard’ (Romans 10:14).