God uses ordinary people to change lives

Sometimes when it’s quiet, I like to look back over my life and remember all the people who’ve had an impact on my spiritual

life. The men and women who’ve helped me draw closer to Jesus were not famous preachers, authors or musicians. Instead they were family, neighbours, co-workers, home-group leaders, and friends.

They didn’t impress me with their knowledge or their skills or their appearance. Instead they changed the course of my life by listening, caring, and gently correcting. They believed in me. They prayed for me. They spent time with me. They just loved me. And because they did I will never be the same.

Think about the beauty of God’s plan. Each of us can lead others closer to the Lord! It doesn’t take a bible college degree or even a leadership position.

All it takes is love for others, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and willingness to serve.

Tim Bray