James 2:1-13.
Being Christian and demonstrating love, equally to all people, be they wealthy or poor, irrespective of culture, colour and status, is consistent with the values and principles of Christ; is consistent with the “royal law” (James 2:8-10) to love your neighbour as yourself. Being Christian and showing love, unequally to people is inconsistent with the values and principles of Christ. That’s the thrust of James 2:1-13.
Social standing, or financial status or culture is no barrier in and through Christ, who is Lord of all. As a result there is no barrier, or prejudice or favouritism to be shown by us, toward each other, and in his mission for us.
As Christians, we profess to be followers of Christ and therefore live by the values, truths and principles of Christ. Our goal is to imitate Him in what we do, how we live, and what we say. But the Christian life is not just doing the bare essentials to avoid disappointing God. The Christian life is doing everything to please, honour and glorify him. In so doing there is a key value implicit in James’ teaching to live out…compassion. Compassion for others. It was the compassion of Jesus that drove him to minister to all people, without prejudice, equally. It was James’ compassion for others and for the church that motivated such teaching.