Mothers are the most influential people in our lives and what a privilege and awesome responsibility it is to be a mum.

Becoming a mother led me to find Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and the Lord has used motherhood to shape and grow my Christian life. Motherhood has taught me to die to self, to serve others, to love unconditionally, to be teachable and with God’s help to set an example for them to follow. But most of all it has taught me to pray without ceasing for them. (Phil 4 v 6 7)

While Jesus was dying on that cruel cross for our sins, one of his last requests was to His beloved disciple to take care of His mother in His absences. How unbearable it must have been for her to see her beloved sinless son dying on that cruel cross and to have to stand by helplessly.

Thank you Lord Jesus for all mothers. Strengthen, encourage and empower them to be the mothers you want them to be and keep us praying for our children and grandchildren. Amen.


Annette Hill