The Old Testament  records the many instances of God’s people erecting a building  for worship and sacrifices to God. ,Gen 26:25 Isaac built an altar there and worshipped the Lord. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua and David  and  others
constructed many altars to acknowledge and bless God.

In the New Testament there is an instance when Peter deeply moved by the Transfiguration experience told Jesus he would build 3 Tabernacles on the Mountain to honour Christ, Mt 17:4.   Recently, during a Building Report to the Congregation, we were taken on a journey to Freiberg, situated in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany.   There in the centre of the City is “the Munster” a huge Cathedral which took 200 years to build, privately owned, but under the ministry of the Catholic Bishop.   The Tower and Spire is 116metres tall, pointing people to the Heavens being described as “ the most beautiful spire on earth ”   Built for worship of God.   Yes privately owned and maintained …all for the Glory of God.

Noah built an ark  to honour and obey  the Lord God and prove His Promises!

It too caused an awakening to the purposes of God.

We do pray that God will pour out  His Blessing  on our Building Project and that it will be an Altar to Worship God .

Selwyn Hooker       Part 2 to follow