God’s Love

Psalm 104 speaks of the wonder and creation of the earth and all that it contains and how much God loved what He created and with the creation of human kind how much He loved us. So much so that even when we were yet sinners His only Son, Jesus, died for each and everyone of us.

What an incredible full picture of His love.

It was while looking through some of our trip photos that I noticed a pattern of places and nature with people and family. Yes I admit that I enjoy taking photos of “nature, places etc” while Frances loves having photos of family and people. It was through these photos I caught a glimpse of what God may see through my reading His word.

God’s love is all around us and I know that more times than I would like to admit I go round with my senses a little dulled, but when reading God’s word it is with a freshness that all around me comes back to” life” as it were and just as the photos remind me of our great and wonderful trips that we have been privileged to go on, I realize how fortunate that God loves me (and you) all the time.

Tony Mace