1 PETER 1:13-16 – Ross Woodhouse 

Vital, that we the church, live out the truths and principles of God’s word 

3 key aspects:

  1. Understanding holiness
    1. Holiness = sacred, set apart
    2. He gave it ALL, we give ALL
  1. Call to be holy
    1. Accepting Christ means we accept there is a new way to live our lives
    2. Christ, his mission and honouring him are the context for all we do
    3. Holiness requires a change in thinking
  1. Living holy
    1. Everything we do is about God
    2. Jesus is our reference for how we live


LIVING HOLY: Framework

  1. Does my life conform to the character of God?
  2. Does my action or behaviour align with scripture?
  3. What do people who know me best, say about my life?



Learn about God’s holiness

Live the call to BE HOLY