Notes about Aaron and Tracee Charman

Aaron and Tracee are a part of the WEC organisation which has sent them to Chaing Mai, Thailand to run a hostel for Missionary children. They have 12 teenage children plus their own two children, Ioan and Sian, in their care during term time and with that comes all the issues that teenagers have. They live near a mountain with an image of Buddha on it and this overshadows their house and spiritual warfare is very real. They have had to deal with such things as self harm, pornography, drug abuse, suicide, etc. These things don’t just affect them and the child involved but also the rest of the children in the hostel.

Their days start reasonably early in order to have everyone ready and off to school which is about a 1 hour round trip. Shopping takes about 2 1/2 hrs each week and consists of 3 trolley loads of groceries. Evenings consist of helping with homework and mentoring the children. Family life takes on a whole new meaning when there are 14 children to cater to and special birthday dinners are just a part of this. Tracee makes a special cake for each of their birthdays and this needs to feed 24 people as they are allowed to invite friends home for the occasion.

They are looking forward to getting to know us a little better and would appreciate your prayers as they spend time at home here with family and friends and also for when they head back as the new school year is about to start. Pray for the new children they will be receiving into their care that they will adjust to life in the hostel with ease. They would also like to send Sian to preschool this year so please pray for the finances for them to be able to do this. They will be worshipping here when they are in Hamilton so please make yourselves known to them.